Loan Options in Texas

Are you ready to purchase a home or invest in property in Texas?

The key to meeting your financial needs is to take out the right type of loan.

New Frontier Financial Inc. can help you evaluate the different types of mortgage options that are available to you. That way, you can sign on a loan confident that you have made the right decision.

We Offer These Mortgage Programs in Dallas and Beyond


These mortgages are not backed by any government agencies, and may feature fixed or adjustable interest rates. You can move into a home with a conventional mortgage with a down payment as low as 3%.

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For homebuyers looking for a product that includes affordable rates and flexible credit qualification requirements, an FHA mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Administration may be the way to go. Down payments an FHA loans can be as low as 3.5% with the right credentials.

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A VA mortgage insured by the Department of Veterans Affairs makes it possible for qualifying borrowers to buy a home with zero down, no PMI, flexible credit qualifications, and affordable interest rates.

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Sometimes, you need more financing than a conforming loan allows. To get what you need to buy the home of your dreams, you can apply for a jumbo loan in Texas.

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Non QM

Applying for a home loan, but do not have a W-2? You will want to apply using bank statements. We can walk you through this with our non-QM loan process.

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As a senior borrower, you can pad your retirement savings by turning to the equity you have accumulated in your home. This type of mortgage features many benefits, with funds available to use as you wish without restrictions.

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Find the Right Type of Mortgage Now

Not sure which type of mortgage you need? Our knowledgeable experts can tell you more about each of these types of loans. By reviewing your financial information with you, we can help you narrow down your options until we find the perfect loan. To schedule your consultation now, please call (469) 886-8300.